Prof. Charlotte Elster
Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society

The American Physical Society recently announced that Charlotte Elster, Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Ohio University, has been elected a Fellow of the Society. The American Physical Society, the professional organization for physicists in this country, annually confers Fellowship status on an elite group of its members who have made distinguished contributions to the field through research, teaching, or other service. A total of 190 new Fellows, representing less than 1/2 percent of the American Physical Society membership, were chosen in the latest round of nominations.

Elster was named a Fellow on the basis of her significant contributions to the theoretical understanding of nuclear reactions. Elster received her Ph.D. in 1986 from the University of Bonn, and conducted research at Kent State University, the University of Maryland, and Ohio State University before moving to Ohio University in 1991. Her leadership in the field of theoretical nuclear physics was recognized last year by her election to the Executive Committee of the Division of Nuclear Physics within the American Physical Society. Elster is a member of the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics at Ohio University.

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