Astronomy and Astrophysics


Full Members:
Doug Clowe (ApI Director)
Hee-Jong Seo
Joe Shields

Affiliate Members:
Carl Brune
Zach Meisel
Keith Milam
Daniel Phillips
M. Prakash

George Eberts
Tom O'Grady

Adjunct Faculty:
Ryan Chornock

Graduate Students:
Laura Herzog
Bhishan Poudel
Rebecca Santana
Ahmad Shamloumehr



MDM Observatory
Ohio University Observatory


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Cosmology (Clowe) (Seo)
Galactic Nuclei
Galaxy Clusters
Nebular Astrophysics
Nuclear Astrophysics


APS Bethe Prize Awarded to Prakash
Alumnus Keith Hawkins Speaks at Commencement
Ohio University Researchers Contribute to New SDSS Results
Robert Kirshner Receives Honorary Degree from OHIO
Chornock Describes His Research in Podcast (with Intro by George Eberts)
Keith Hawkins Receives Ohio Alumni Assocation Award
Seo and Meisel Selected for DOE Early Career Awards
Chornock Part of Neutron Star Merger Discovery
Observatory Opening May 6, 2017 (video highlights)
Shields speaks on Supermassive Black Holes (video)
Observatory Construction Progress
New Observatory under Construction at The Ridges
Hee-Jong Seo Publishes Dark Energy Results
Chornock's Research on Expansion Rate of Universe Profiled
Alumna Cotto-Figueroa Appointed Observatory Director
Astrophysics Class Operates Mountaintop Telescopes in Arizona
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Group Photo (current and archival)
ASTR 4271/5271 Class at MDM 2019
Robert Kirshner 2019
ASTR 4271 Class at MDM 2017
Kissimmee, FL AAS Meeting 2016
Astro Students at MDM 2015
ASTR 4271 Class at MDM 2013
Long Beach AAS Meeting 2013
Green Bank 2011
Seattle AAS Meeting 2011
Green Bank 2006
Carl Heiles 2006
Ohio University joins MDM 2005
Ohio Section APS Meeting 2004
Osterbrock Visit 2003
Green Bank 2002
MDM Observatory 2000


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Galaxy images from The Galaxy Catalog, by Z. Frei et al.