Carl Heiles, 2006

At the June 2006 Graduate Commencement, Ohio University presented Carl Heiles with an honorary D.Sc. in recognition of his contributions to astrophysics and to astronomical facilities, including the Green Bank Telescope. Heiles is a native of Toledo, and is Professor of Astronomy at the University of California at Berkeley.

After the Ceremony: Joe Shields, Carl Heiles (demonstrating how to wear a doctoral hood), and Jay Lockman

At the Reception: Elena Plechakova, Markus Böttcher, Yurii Pidopryhora, Carl Heiles, Joe Shields, and Jay Lockman

Further Celebrations I. Joe Shields, Jay Lockman, Yurii Pidopryhora, and Carl Heiles (still wearing a tie!)

Further Celebrations II. Joe Shields, Jay Lockman, Martin Lockman, Carl Heiles, Yurii Pidopryhora