Complete News Archive

BAAS Annual Reports 1995-2004


Ohio University Researchers Contribute to New SDSS Results
Robert Kirshner Receives Honorary Degree from OHIO
Chornock Describes His Research in Podcast (with Intro by George Eberts)
Keith Hawkins Receives Ohio Alumni Assocation Award
Seo and Meisel Selected for DOE Early Career Awards
Chornock Part of Neutron Star Merger Discovery
Observatory Opening May 6, 2017 (video highlights)
Shields speaks on Supermassive Black Holes (video)
Observatory Construction Progress
New Observatory under Construction at The Ridges
Hee-Jong Seo Publishes Dark Energy Results
Chornock's Research on Expansion Rate of Universe Profiled
Alumna Cotto-Figueroa Appointed Observatory Director
Astrophysics Class Operates Mountaintop Telescopes in Arizona
ApI Welcomes New Faculty
Alumnus Kyle Uckert's Research Profiled
Hawkins shares passion for science, prepares for Cambridge
New Study Reveals Neutron Star Superfluid
Keith Hawkins in Founders Day 2011 video
OU Research profiles undergraduate Keith Hawkins
OU Blazar research in the news
Doug Clowe's work named a Discovery of the Decade
Cotto-Figueroa Awarded the Harriet G. Jenkins Fellowship
Planet Panorama exhibit available to public
Doug Clowe named Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow
Ohio University Joins University Space Research Association
Evidence for Dark Matter a Top Discovery in 2006
Black Holes Stirring Up Elliptical Galaxies
Huge Superbubble of Gas Blowing Out of Milky Way
2005 Friend of the Stars Award Announced
Astrophysics Major Named Goldwater Scholar
Most Powerful Eruption in the Universe Discovered
Structure of the Universe established as University Research Priority
Astrophysical Institute approved by Trustees