Donald E. Osterbrock, 2003

At the June 2003 Graduate Commencement, Ohio University presented Donald E. Osterbrock with an honorary D.Sc. in recognition of his contributions to astrophysics and the history of astronomy. Osterbrock is a native of Cincinnati and is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Dinner with Markus and Lorraine: Irene Osterbrock, Tom Statler, Markus Böttcher, Don Osterbrock, Lorraine Kombudo, Joe Shields, Brian McNamara

Don's books on display at Little Professor Books (Joe Shields, Brian McNamara, Don and Irene Osterbrock)

After the ceremony (Brian McNamara, Irene and Don Osterbrock, Joe Shields)

Photos courtesy of Mangala Sharma