Astrophysics Seminar - Previous Terms

Fall 2018: Black Holes Doin' Stuff, and All Hail Gaia!

Guest Speakers:

October 3: Dr. Karen Leighly, University of Oklahoma What's in the Wind? Spectral Synthesis Modeling of Broad Absorption Line Quasars

October 17: Dr. Keith Hawkins, University of Texas-Austin Galactic Archaeology in the Gaia Era

November 28: Dr. Tuguldur Sukhbold, Ohio State University Islands of Explodability in a Sea of Implosions

Spring 2018: Infrared Astronomy and the James Webb Space Telescope

Guest Speakers:

April 4: Dr. Laura Lopez, Ohio State University, Investigating the Symmetry and Progenitors of Supernova Remnants using X-ray Observations

April 18: Dr. Michael Cushing, University of Toledo, Hunting for Cool Brown Dwarfs with WISE

Fall 2017: Galaxy/Halo Clustering Bias

Guest Speakers:

September 27: Dr. Donghui Jeong, Pennsylvania State University

October 11: Dr. Anca Constantin, James Madison University, Near-infrared Explorations of Buried AGNs in Advanced Mergers

November 8: Dr. Eric Huff, Jet Propulsion Lab, Lessons from the Dark Energy Survey, and Future Prospects for Measurement of Dark Energy in the Solar System

November 29: Dr. Amy Choi, Ohio State University, Towards Accurate Cosmology with Galaxy Lensing Surveys

Spring 2017: Binary Stars in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

April 6: Dr. Carles Badenes, University of Pittsburgh, Neutrons in Type Ia Supernovae: The Most Dangerous and Terrifying Particles in the Universe!

April 20: Dr. Arash Bahramian, Michigan State University, The First Ultra-Compact X-ray Binary Identified in Quiescence and its Twisted Accretion

Fall 2016: Great Papers in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

September 28: Dr. Jeff Newman, University of Pittsburgh, Galaxy Evolution from Large Surveys

Spring 2016: Current Topics in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

January 11: Keith Hawkins, Cambridge University, Galactic Archeology: Piecing Together the Milky Way with Large Surveys

January 13: Dr. Steve Weppner, Ekerd College, A Variable Polytrope Index Applied to Planet and Solar Models

January 27: Dr. Markus Boettcher, Northwest University-Potchefstroom, Particle Acceleration and Plasma Turbulence at Shocks in Relativistic Jets

March 30: Dr. R. Mark Wagner, LBT Observatory and Ohio State Unviersity, The Large Binocular Teelscope: The First Next-Generation Extremely Large Telescope

Fall 2015: Large Scale Structure of the Universe

Guest Speakers:

October 28: Dr. Shun Saito, Tokyo University, Evolution of Massive Galaxies at z~5 in the BOSS Survey

Spring 2015: Time Domain Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

January 21: Dr. Adam Leroy, Ohio State University, The Cool Component of M82's Multiphase Outflow

March 11: Dr. Raffaella Margutti, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Eruptions, Disruptions, and (Repeated) Explosions: Massive Stars at the End of their Life

April 8: Dr. Armin Rest, Space Telescope Science Institute, An Astronomical Time Machine: Light Echoes from Historical Supernovae and Stellar Eruptions

April 22: Dr. Wen-fai Fong, University of Arizona, Unveiling the Progenitors of Short-Duration Gamma-ray Bursts

Fall 2014: Current Topics in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

November 5: Dr. Peter Melchior, Ohio State University, Gravitational Lensing and Filamentary Structure

November 19: Dr. Jay Lockman, NRAO, Gas Clouds Where They Should Not Be, and Other Recent Discoveries of the Green Bank Telescope

Spring 2014: Optics in Astronomy

Guest Speakers:

April 9: Dr. Kevin Croxall, Ohio State University, Oxygen in the Local Universe: Error and Uncertainty in Abundances

Fall 2013: Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei

Guest Speakers:

November 13: Dr. Kate Grier, Ohio State University, Investigating the Structure of the Broad Line Region in AGN with Reverberation Mapping

December 4: Dr.Dimitra Atri, Blue Marble Space Institute of Physics, Measurement of Particle Acceleration in Supernova Remnants

Spring 2013: Current Topics in Astrophysics/Career Advice for Astronomy

March 29-30: Ohio-Region Section of the APS, From Quarks to Superclusters: Physics of the Very Big and the Very Small

Fall 2012: Current Topics in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

October 17: Dr. Rupali Chandar, University of Toledo, The Life Cycle of Star Clusters

Spring 2012: Nuclear Astrophysics

Guest Speakers: Joint ApI/INPP Seminar

March 28: Dr. Moshe Gai, University of Connecticut, Stellar Helium Burning

April 4: Dr. Mike Zingale, Stony Brook University, The Challenges of Modeling Explosive Phenomena

April 11: Dr. Dan Homan, Dennison University, Probing the Formation and Structure of Relativistic Jets in AGNs

April 18: Dr. Soebur Razzaque, Naval Research Lab, The Origin and Age of the Fermi Bubbles: A Test with High Energy Neutrinos

April 25: Dr. Marc Pinsonneault, Ohio State University, Abundances without Spectroscopy: Seismology of the Sun and Stars

May 2: Dr. Dan Bardayan, Oak Ridge National Lab, Astrophysics Measurements with Gas Targets and Radioactive Beams at HRIBE

May 9: Dr. Eric Norman, University of California, Berkeley, Recent Developments in Neutrino Physics

May 16: Dr. Matthew Baring, Rice University, Particle Acceleration at Relativistic Shocks in Extragalactic Jets

May 23: Dr. Ionel Stetcu, Los Alamos National Lab, Nuclear Structure and Dynamics with Density Functional Theory

May 30: Dr. Jan Auffenberg, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Latest Results from IceCube

Winter 2012: Everything You Learned in Class is Wrong: the Changing Landscape of Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

February 29: Dr. Alyson Ford, University of Michigan, Detection of Low-Level Star Formation in Nearby Ellipticals

Fall 2011: Current Topics in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers: April 27 Mini-Symposium on High-Energy Astrophysics

Dr. Stephan Richter, Univ. Wuerzburg, Simulating Blazar SEDs Using a Spatially Resolved SSC Model

Matthias Weidinger, Univ. Wuerzburg, Modeling Variability along the Blazar Sequence

Dr. Felix Spanier, Univ. Wuerzburg, The Next Big Thing for Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes - The Cosmic Ray Electron Spectrum

Dr. Heike Prokoph, DESY Zeuthen, Performance of Cherenkov Telescope Arrays with Implications for Blazar Observations

Spring 2011: Current Topics in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

April 27: Dr. Giovanni Fossati, Rice University, Extragalactic Relativistic Jets: Clues from Single Outbursts and Whole-Population Multiwavelength Studies

May 25: Dr. Mark Peacock, Michigan State University, The M31 Globular Cluster System and Its X-ray Binaries

Winter 2011: Science with the James Webb Space Telescope

Guest Speakers:

March 8: Dr. Haojing Yan, Ohio State University, Galaxy Formation and Evolution in the Early Universe

Fall 2010: Science with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

Guest Speakers:

September 21: Dr. Christy Tremonti, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Can Quasars Quench Star Formation?

October 6: Dr. Joerg Dietrich, University of Michigan, Direct and Indirect Observations of the Large-Scale Structure with Weak Gravitational Lensing

Spring 2010: Shocks in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

May 12: Dr. Elizabeth Blanton, Boston University, AGN in Clusters of Galaxies: Cooling Flows, Feedback, and High-z Systems

May 26: Dr. Markos Georganopoulos, University of Maryland, How Much Light has been Produced Since the Universe Was Born?

June 2: Dr. Eugenio Bottaccini, Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, The SIX Survey

Winter 2010: Current Topics in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

March 3: Dr. Andrew Zentner, University of Pittsburgh, Constraining Dark Energy with Weak Gravitational Lensing

March 10: Dr. J.D. Smith, University of Toledo, The Dark Side of the Light: Galaxies beyond a Micron

Fall 2009: Astronomy from Space

Guest Speakers:

September 30: Dr. Sarah Gallagher, Univ. of Western Ontario, Quasar SEDs and Outflows

October 28: Dr. Steven Doty, Denison University, Massive Star Formation: Models and Implications

Spring 2009: Topics in Astro- and Nuclear Physics

Joint ApI/INPP Seminar

Winter 2009: Frontiers of Classical Physics: The Dynamics of Small Bodies in the Solar System

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Derek Richardson, University of Maryland: Rotational Breakup as the Origin of Small Binary Asteroids

Dr. Steven Chesley, NASA/JPL: Monitoring the Asteroid Orbit Catalog for Potential Earth Impacts

Dr. Dan Scheeres, University of Colorado at Boulder: The Life-Cycles of Small Asteroids

Dr. Mike Brown, Caltech: Tales from the Outer Solar System

Dr. Robert Williams, Space Telescope Science Institute: Understanding the Nova Outburst

Fall 2008: Current Topics in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Marc Sarzi, University of Hertfordshire: The Sources of Ionization for the Gas of Early-Type Galaxies

Dr. Gabriela Canalizo, University of California, Riverside: Quasar Black Hole Masses and Triggering Mechanisms: A Study Based on Low Redshift Host Galaxies

Dr. Lars Bildsten, University of California, Santa Barbara: Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae: Challenges and Opportunities

Spring 2008: Topics in Astro- and Nuclear Physics

Joint ApI/INPP Seminar

Winter 2008: Gamma-Ray Astronomy with GLAST

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Anita Reimer, Stanford University: Active Galactic Nuclei in the GLAST Era: A Theoretical Perspective

Dr. Deirdre Horan, Argonne National Lab: The Status of Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Observations at VERITAS

Dr. Ian Smith, Rice University: Multiwavelength Observations of Nearby Black Holes in the GLAST Era

Fall 2007: Essential Papers in Astronomy

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Greg Rudnick, NOAO: Galaxies in Normal Intermediate Redshift Clusters

Dr. Phil Jewell, NRAO: Chemical Precursors of Life in the Interstellar Medium, and Science and Technology at NRAO

Spring 2007: Topics in Astro- and Nuclear Physics

Guest Astro Speakers:

Dr. Greg Sivakoff, Ohio State University: Low-Mass X-ray Binaries and Globular Clusters in Early-Type Galaxies

Dr. Karen Leighly, University of Oklahoma: The Quasar Continuum Spectral Energy Distribution and Broad-line Region Emission and Kinematics

Winter 2007: Ethics in Astronomy

Fall 2006: Neutrino Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Reinhard Schlickeiser, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum: The Filamentation Instability in Magnetized Astrophysical Plasmas

Dr. Chris Impey, University of Arizona: The COSMOS Survey

Spring 2006: Topics in Astro- and Nuclear Physics

Joint ApI/INPP Seminar

Spring 2005: Topics in Astro- and Nuclear Physics

Joint ApI/INPP Seminar

Winter 2005: Ground-based Gamma-Ray Astronomy

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Gerard Williger, Johns Hopkins University: The D/H Ratio in the Interstellar Medium toward the White Dwarf PG 0038+199

Dr. Wei Cui, Purdue University: A Multiwavelength View of Mrk 421

Dr. Brian Mason, National Radio Astronomy Observatory: Beyond the First Peak: Microwave Background Cosmology

Fall 2004: Science with the MDM Telescope

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Rita Sambruna, George Mason University: The X-Ray View of Radio-Loud AGN

Dr. Steve Zepf, Yale University:

Dr. Darren DePoy, Ohio State University: Observing with the MDM Observatory

Spring 2004: Astrophysical Black Holes

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Timothy Hamilton, Shawnee State University: The Fundamental Plane of Quasars

Dr. Lowell Boone, College of Wooster: The Solar Tower Air Cherenkov Effect Experiment (STACEE)

Winter 2004: Current Topics in Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Paul Nulsen, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics: Outbursts in M87

Fall 2003: Astrophysical Hydrodynamics

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jay Lockman, NRAO/Green Bank: The Hydrogen at the Edge of the Galaxy

Dr. Paul Ricker, University of Illinois: Hydrodynamic Simulations of Galaxy Clusters

Dr. Chris DePree, Agnes Scott College: High-Mass Star Formation

Spring 2003: Gamma-Ray Bursts

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Dirk Petry, NASA/Goddard: Recent Results from Cherenkov Telescopes and Prospects for Ground-Based Gamma-Ray Astronomy

Dr. Karen Leighly, University of Oklahoma: The Highs and Lows of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies

Dr. Nancy Levenson, University of Kentucky: An X-Ray View of Obscured AGN and the Starburst Connection

Winter 2003: The Hubble Deep Fields

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jim Ulvestad, NRAO "VLBA Imaging of Seyfert Galaxy Nuclei."

Dr. Marco Fatuzzo, Xavier University "Gamma-ray emission from Sgr A East."

Dr. Charles Nelson, Drake University "Black Holes, Bulges, and Active Galactic Nuclei."

Fall 2002: Topics in Stellar Astrophysics

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jim Chiang, SLAC "Multiwavelength Observations, Black Hole Masses, and Accretion Rates in Seyfert Galaxies."

Dr. Dave DeYoung, NOAO "Radio Sources in Galaxy Clusters: A New Look."

Dr. Dirk Grupe, Ohio State University "X-Ray Studies of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies."

Other Activities: Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory tour

Spring 2002: Science with SIRTF - the Space Infrared Telescope Facility

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Fred Hamann, University of Florida, "Probing the Link Between Quasars, Star Formation, and Galaxy Evolution."

Dr. Steve Alexander, Miami University of Ohio, "Planetary Formation in the Outer Solar System: New Ideas."

Winter 2002: Dark Energy and the New "Standard" Cosmology

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Guest Speaker:

Dr. Sally Oey, Lowell Observatory, "Massive Star Feedback and Consequences for Chemical Evolution."

Fall 2001: Radio Galaxies

Spring 2001: Galaxy Clusters

Winter 2001: Globular Clusters

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Guest Speakers:

Dr. Gus Evrard, University of Michigan, "Galaxy Clusters in Hubble Volume Simulations."

Fall 2000: Black Holes in Galaxy Nuclei

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Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jim Braatz, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, "Megamasers in Galaxy Nuclei."

Dr. Stefan Collier, Ohio State University, "The Inner Structure of Active Galaxies."

Spring 2000: Starbursts

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Guest Speakers:

Dr. Donald Terndrup, Ohio State University, "Star-Formation History of the Galactic Bulge."

Dr. Margaret Hanson, University of Cincinnati, "Infrared Observations of Massive Star-Forming Regions."

Winter 2000: Great Papers in Astrophysics II

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Fall 1999: X-ray Astronomy

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Guest Speakers:

Dr. Michael Eracleous, Pennsylvania State University, "Searching for the Difference Between Radio-Loud and Radio-Quiet Active Galaxies Through X-Ray Observations."

Dr. Adrian Melott, University of Kansas, "The Bull's-Eye Effect and the Mass Density of the Universe."

Spring 1999: Dark Matter

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Guest Speaker: Dr. James Liebert, Steward Observatory, "Low-Mass Stars and Dark Matter."

Winter 1999: Infrared Astronomy

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Darren DePoy, Ohio State University, "Infrared Instrumentation."

Fall 1998: Extrasolar Planets

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Spring 1998: Cosmology

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Winter 1998: Radio Astronomy

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Fall 1997: Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei

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Guest Speakers:

Dr. Rick Pogge, Ohio State University, "AGN Unification."

Dr. Keven Uchida, Ohio State University, "The Galactic Center."

Spring 1997: Great Papers in Astrophysics

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Winter 1997: X-ray Astronomy

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Fall 1997: Elliptical Galaxies